Monday, February 2, 2009

A humb dumb week!

My catholic remedy to the mid day doldrums.............COCONUTS! You can't help smiling while sipping that ambrosial nectar from the cumbersome carapace.

Monday, about an hour after a fresh indulgence, as if sent from heaven, a door to door salesman came by offering 'agua de coco'. At $6 Bz/gal ($1 US= $2 Bz) I jumped at the opportunity to stock the refrigerator. Hey, you never know when an emergency situation will arise- early in morning, late at night, rushing ouf the door- making climbing a coconut tree and machete-ing a coconut a bit inconvenient. Better to be safe than sorry :-D

Moving on. As alluded to in the title to this passage, the week was very humbling week (A bit of background). Each of us can probably pin point a subjects in school that we accelerated in, or at least enjoyed enough to put in the effort to routinely perform well. For me this was Math and Science. I tutored Calculus while in college and worked as a teaching assistant in Biology. That is why after spending an afternoon reviewing a couple of practice problems from my students' course curriculum I felt confident in my ability to step in and offer 'expert' advice if any of the peer tutors got stumped; its just high school math, right? WRONG! To spare complete humiliation I am leaving out the details, but lets just say the students who had me as a partner, got through about half as many problems is twice the time.

Or maybe I am exaggerating a bit?......... yeah.....uh.. No, that is exactly how it was........ sigh

Well, it is Saturday morning and I am on my way to the market for 'dukunu' sister of the tamale and cassava cakes... Mmmm..... to be continued.

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  1. Hey Jen! You should apply to Teach for America! It sounds like a good fit for you!!! They are looking for individuals who have degrees both in math and science!