Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tomorrow we head to Belize City to defend the 2007 Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Toledo Alcades Association, the Maya Leaders Alliance, and Golden Stream in the Maya Land Rights case. The Government of Belize is attempting to get the ruling dismissed.
We depart at 3 am to join villagers and representatives from the afore mentioned organizations.

The rain left..... temporarily

Things are busy in the office and the internet has been out a lot over the past two weeks; I was not able to get out a blog last weekend.

Hmmm.... I tried Iguana yesterday evening and it was delicious. Unfortunately, lobster season closed on the 15th of february.

There is a lot more to share, pics included, but as for this evening there is a lot centering around the lawsuit. Updates are soon to come.
This weekend I will be joining one of the student teachers at the Tumul K'in Center of Learning for there bi weekly evening of cultural presentations. Sunday I hope to go hiking in the Blue Creek River and to view the stalagmite caves. Below I attached a headline article from the national news; it describes the lawsuit and features a picture of Cristina.

Thank you for all you love and support. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers- especially
Ms. Cristina Coc! :D

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