Saturday, March 14, 2009

I returned Tuesday from the most amazing eight day adventure I have had in at least a decade (I can say that now that I am a seasoned 25!) From the moment we laid eyes on the brazen shores of Puerto Barrios up throuogh our all too hastey departure from Livingston, a feeling of peace and tranquility encompased our journey through Guatemala.

I fell in love the minute I stepped foot on shore, head over heals and there was no turning back. I steeped in the rich culture: people, sights, sounds, tastes. I can't think of a single other experience which has left me feeling as if the human sensory was not enough to take in all that was around me. Alive, I finally felt alive again. For days I climbed the cobblestone alleys of San Pedro Village, urging myself to trod just a bit further to see what unique venders or artisans lie ahead. Situtated feet above the breath taking back drop of beautiful Lake Atitlan, one never found themselves lost or hungry, nor a tad distracted and some how, even on vacation, always a bit productive.

In stark contrast to village life, the colonial city of La Antigua bustled with the latest styles hot of the Milan runways and was marked with restaurants boasting more star than the Hollywood strip. And as much as I could go into detail, I will spare you the words that could never do it justice and finally let the pictures speak for themselves. Yes, I will be posting and sending everyone the link! [Hur-ray] So besides leaving the city with a mild case of food poisoning, my bags were loaded with some of the best local buys and a had a definitive sense of satisfaction from accomplishing so much in so little time.

Tuesday- back on the shores of Belize. It rained at least once per day the first three days I have been back. The slight malady which still plagued my stomach kept me out of work and in bed through Wednesday. From here on out this journey is a count down instead of count ahead, which literally means in that four weeks and three weekends remain. It is now time to make plans for 'Destination Belize', some of the must see spots outside of the Toledo district.

Anyways, I will sign off for now. I could go on, but then I would never stop. Really. For anyone who is interested in an exquisite vacation for about $15-20 US a day including hotel, food, transportation and activities, just go! (and invite me along :-)

A Long Way From Home

I walked alone, tethered by thought, inhaling the dust of the road

A familiar howl, as much as the oceans lapping lul to a seasoned sailor

Veering my gaze, a quick reconnoissance of the scence revealed the source of sound-

An emblem of home, aberrant amongst the native menage

Billowing above coconut frongs & broad leaved magnolias; I watched with pride as it danced with the wind

The cryptic whisperings of its slender fingers drew me from the abyss of thought, to a time and a place not so forlorn and not far back

A place where whispering pines of varying kinds and the solitary confines of a cabin on a lake, each day I would awake, to embrace prestine trout streams, from the desolate doldrums of dreams

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  1. Hey Jen! This is Helen from Pioneer :) I think your blog is great-- your writing is beautiful! I'm just so happy for you; that line about feeling "so alive" is exactly what we need in life more! I think you'd be a great writer Jen...sharing these amazing experiences and insights. Are you healthy? I"ll be praying for you; Adrienne and I miss you!